RJR Branch Line

OO Gauge model railways

                          Springhead Junction

Springhead Junction is my first serious indoor model railway. It occupies the "Upper Tier" of my Garden Shed


                           Springhead Terminus and Harbour

Started early 2008 the second layout is seen set up under the main layout. This layout is 2 seperate "scenes" linked together. The  2 sections are portable to allow them to be photographed outside and are also being made to allow them to be taken to exhibitions.

"Springhead Terminus" is on the left and "Springhead Harbour" is on the right.


About The Shed and This Site

The layouts are built in a 8' by 6' shed at the bottom of our family garden. The shed is of tongue and groove construction and lined with 1" polystyrene.

All the layouts are OO gauge using Peco code 100 track and Hornby Elite DCC. The structures are mainly made from card, either Metcalfe die cut kits or Scalescenes downloads

The pages on this site are current images of the layout (June 2008) there are over a 1000 pictures of the layouts in contstruction that can been seen by clicking on the Photobucket link above.